• someone: ... ringo starr...
  • me: *goes into cardiac arrest*
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The Beatles - “Maureen”

A rare, semi-completed song which George said was a Dylan composition, but is probably actually either a Harrison or Harrison/Starkey song. This version was recorded during the Let It Be sessions, on 6 January 1969. George suggested the song might be suitable for Ringo. The song - heard here with George’s vocal and wah-wah guitar accompaniment - was never completed or released.

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Wellington Town Hall, New Zealand, June 1964.

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instead of calling people flawless just call them paul mccartney
“ugh youre so paul mccartney”

Paul McCartney is so Paul McCartney

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John Lennon taking a sandwich in A Hard Day’s Night.

how can someone grab a sandwich so sexily I don’t understand

god bless this man

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